Why you can’t book ‘just’ a back massage at Hemel Massage

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Why does Hemel Massage not offer a back massage as a stand-alone treatment?   Sometimes new clients ask us for ‘just a back massage’.  They are in need of a treatment because they have pain, they have aching or tight back, neck and shoulders but they don’t see the need for a whole one hour treatment. Perhaps they haven’t got the time or don’t want to pay the price for a one hour treatment. Many places offer a back, neck and shoulder massage in a shorter timeslot, or just a back massage, but not Hemel Massage, and for good reason.  ...

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Back pain and fascia

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The forgotten tissue issue – fascia and back pain   Back pain is one of those mysterious conditions that even the most experienced medical professionals often have no idea where it comes from and how to approach it. Even though back pain affects 8 out of 10 people our knowledge on how to deal with effectively it is shockingly limited. The standard NHS prescribed back pain treatment involves a course in NSAID painkillers (Naproxen, Ibuprofen, Paracetamol) and a sheet of take-home exercises. If it’s severe you may be send to an MRI...

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What is a knot?

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What is a knot?   The technical term for a knot is ‘myofascial trigger point’ we’ve all had them but what causes them? Knots occur when a particular muscle gets so tense and de-hydrated that it restricts its own circulation of blood and tissue fluid. Eventually the muscles fibres ‘stick’ to each other and form lumpy hard knots which can be sore and painful, in some cases they can also limit movement too. There are two types of knots – Latent and Active. Latent trigger points you probably won’t know you have unless you have a massage and then...

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New location and larger team!

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New Location I am beyond excited about this, we are moving from Apsley Lock to the most perfect surroundings. We will be above Inspired coffee shop and Inspired gym (formerly The Eagle pub). Our treatment room looks out over gardens, it is quiet, warm, cosy and relaxing and there are plenty of areas to relax around the building and have a quick coffee or snack before or after your treatment. There is plenty of free parking and it’s very easy to find on the main road between Kings Langley and Hemel Hempstead. We should be in by...

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3 Great Shoulder Stretches – To ease shoulder pain

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3 Great Shoulder Stretches – To ease shoulder pain I know I have covered shoulder stretching in the past but I am seeing so much shoulder, neck and back pain and tension at the clinic at the moment. Causes include sitting at a desk for too long, being hunched over a computer, tablet and/or smart phone use, poor posture, or maybe just coming back to the daily grind after a lovely holiday and feeling the niggles! Here are 3 very non-onerous stretches you should do at least 3 times a day… Stretch 1: Overhead Shoulder Stretch Stand...

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Pain when using tablets, smart phones and laptops?

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Pain when using tablets, smart phones and laptops? Have you started coming across phrases such as ‘text neck’, ‘iPad Hand’ and iPhone thumb, and wondered what on earth these are all about? You guessed it! These are all ‘conditions’ associated with spending too much time on our smartphones, laptops and tablets. So all this new technology developed to make our life easier is also causing our bodies some problems! Pain in the neck, hands and thumbs to name just a few. When you use your tablets or smart phones...

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Hemel Massage and Pilates

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Hemel Massage and Pilates It is important to add to your routine other forms of excercise and relaxation. There are lots of different strengthening and fitness classes around. This month, we are focussing on Pilates. Pilates is a system of exercise designed to develop the whole body, lengthen the spine, correct posture and bring strength, performance and poise to all that you do. Using spring resistance rather than impact to target the deepest muscles, it achieves whole body fitness. I have recently been working alongside the lovely people at...

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Hemel Massage Running Tips

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Hemel Massage Running Tips TIPS FOR ALL YOU RUNNERS OUT THERE! This month I am focussing on all you runners upping your training for your forthcoming marathon events and the like. I am very busy massaging tight calves, quads and glutes and easing shoulder tightness, whilst the physios at the clinic are busy doing running screening assessments. So if you are training hard for a marathon or other running event, then please see this months special offer. Give us a call or e-mail and pop in to see us. This month we are offering a Runners Special...

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Tips For Your Working Day

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Tips for your working day Did you know that sitting at a desk all day (reading blogs!!) can not only make you lethargic and weary but can lead to all sorts of postural problems? Particularly in the neck, shoulders and lower back. Make a trigger for yourself to stretch out your shoulders and neck, whether it be when you get up to make yourself a cuppa or nipping to the loo, or just schedule in a 5 minute walk around. See if you can push out your chest and pull your shoulder blades as close in together as they can go, and then, hold your elbow...

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Reducing your injury risk with runners

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Is it possible to reduce your injury risk? Everyone has an opinion on what may or may not reduce your risk of injury in running and with so much advice and information out there it is hard to know what is useful or even where to start. Should you stretch before or after a run? Is it necessary to do any strength and conditioning? Does moving a certain way increase your risk of injury? A large proportion of what we are told is passed down through time and accepted as fact, even though it has never been scientifically proven as an effective...

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