Signs that you may need a massage

We recently wrote a blog on why you shouldn’t feel guilty about getting a massage, which covers the reasons why you should have massages for relaxation and self care, rather than just when you feel you need one.

But how do you know when you ‘need’ a massage?

Are you feeling stressed?

Most of us have stress in our lives and some stress is good, however it becomes an issue if it becomes too much and overwhelming. Massage has been proven to decrease the levels of stress hormones (cortisol) and increase the levels of endorphins (giving you a positive feeling).

Are you getting regular headaches?

This might be because your muscles in your neck, the back of your head and your shoulders are tight. Tightness in these areas can cause tension headaches. Regular MOT massages can relieve these headaches and keep them at bay.

Is your job or daily routine repetitive? Do you sit (or stand) for long periods of time? 

Being in one position for long periods of time, or making the same small repeated movements can cause a lot of pressure on your body. This causes certain areas to become tight, which can cause you aches and pains. Sitting for long periods of time causes a lot of stress to the body – in my experience more than somebody who exercises regularly. A targeted massage will help to release those tight areas, and ongoing regular massage will help keep your body working properly while you have to stick to those uncomfortable routines.

Do you have bad posture? Does your posture get worse as you get tired?

A poor posture can cause pain in your neck, back, shoulders, hips… in fact anywhere! Pain is the body’s way of telling us that something isn’t right and it definitely shouldn’t be ignored, or it may get worse. A good therapeutic massage can get rid of aches and pains, and your therapist can give you tips on improving your posture.

Do you have a full range of motion in your joints? Do you have pain when you move, for example in your neck? 

Pain or a lack of a full range of motion is often caused by muscle restrictions. Restriction of movement can be cause by tightness, knotty muscles or adhesions (which can in turn can compress nerves, which will cause further discomfort and pain). Stiff or achy areas can be improved with a good deep tissue massage.

Do you exercise regularly?

If you are putting your body under physical exertion you should add sports massage to your training regime. This will keep you in top physical fitness and also reduces the risk of injury. Massage improves performance, improves flexibility, and aids recovery.

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Massage therapy has been proven to promote better and more healthier sleep patterns. Sleep is vitally important to physical and mental wellbeing. Many of our clients report better sleep following a treatment with us.

When was the last time you had a massage? 

If it’s been some time since your last massage, you can bet that there’s something we can definitely work on and improve for you.

To get the most out of massage therapy, it is best to have them regularly. I would recommend a monthly MOT massage for regular maintenance, and to keep aches, pains and niggles at bay. This is ideal as part of your training regime, or as a regular self care activity

Massage couch ready for your massage

But really, any time is a good time to have a massage. If you prefer to book in for one as and when you feel you need to, the important thing is that you can identify the signs you might need a massage, and that you know where to find us and how to book yourself in for one!

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