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Drift away… Sometimes all we desire is a bit of pampering and some me time. 

Relaxation Massage

Sometimes all we desire is a bit of pampering and some ‘me time’ and a relaxation massage is just the remedy for this. Well needed and highly beneficial.

It might be a treat for yourself that you like to book now and then when you feel a little niggle, or you might see it as an essential part of self-care and book a regular treatment to maintain an ache-free, relaxed body.

Lady having a relaxation massage

Relaxation and Pampering Massage

With relaxing music and a comfortable heated couch, feel yourself becoming relaxed and de-stressed with a tailor made massage to give you the therapy that you need. The focus will be on relaxation, nurturing and calming the body, mind and emotions giving you time to recover from the stresses of daily life using aromatherapy blended oils for calm and tranquility.

Your treatment will involve long, smooth, gliding Swedish massage techniques using a pressure that is deeply relaxing but not painful. Our relaxing treatments are designed to sooth and relax but not necessarily target specific problems, however the massage will help sooth tired, aching muscles.

The benefits of a relaxing massage will last several days after your treatment and can help with reduction of blood pressure, improvements in skin tone and appearance, improved sleep, and stress related problems. This treatment will relieve stress and tension in your muscles, and leave you with a lovely sense of wellbeing.

A relaxation massage is also something which makes a great gift for a loved one – who couldn’t do with a little bit of pampering? We offer gift vouchers from £60 which will enable them to book a 60 minute massage, and give them the gift of pure relaxation – bliss!

Do you need a bit more than a simple relaxation massage?

If there are particular areas of your body you would like to focus on, we will incorporate that into your treatment so you get just what you need – just let us know in the consultation at the start.

Alternatively, you might decide that a deep tissue massage or sports therapy massage would be more appropriate. Whatever you choose, just book your appointment online, and we will provide the therapy that best suits your requirements.

Our Relaxation Massage is £60 for a 1 hour treatment.

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We also offer some appointments that combine massage with another treatment:

A 60 minute reflexology and massage combo – A tailor made treatment combining massage and reflexology, designed around your particular needs. This treatment gives you the opportunity to benefit from both techniques and will leave you relaxed and tension free.

Or, a combination of deep tissue massage followed by Indian head massage – a relaxing combo to leave you feeling like you’re floating on clouds!