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Look after your wellbeing, give your body just what it needs on an ongoing basis.

Monthly MOT Wellbeing Massage

Designed to help you feel relaxed whilst relieving muscular aches and pains which occur through our everyday lives.

Over time, all of us develop a way of living where we compensate with our movements and posture. This could be through having areas of weakness, a result of an injury, pain or niggle, a slight imbalance with our body (one side being stronger than the other, or one leg being longer than the other), over training or lifestyle related issues such as wearing high heels, sitting at a desk for too long and using phones and tablets for long periods of time.

This usually happens without us knowing that we are doing it, and can lead to overuse of joints and muscles, the build up of knots, and before long there will be pain, injury and dysfunction.

The MOT wellbeing massage is a combination of Deep Tissue and Swedish massage to relax the mind whilst reducing muscle tension and soreness, sorting out recurring injuries and niggles, working on knots and tightness and leaving you feeling well looked after, less stressed and much looser. We recommend for maximum benefits and effectiveness that this is taken as a monthly treatment.

As with all the treatments from Hemel Massage your expert therapist will provide you with a better knowledge and understanding of your body’s movement patterns, and awareness of any areas of weakness. You’ll be given simple exercises and stretches to address any issues which will reduce the risk of injury and further pain.

Our MOT Wellbeing Massage is £60 for a 1 hour treatment.


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