Hemel Massage Running Tips


This month I am focussing on all you runners upping your training for your forthcoming marathon events and the like.
I am very busy massaging tight calves, quads and glutes and easing shoulder tightness, whilst the physios at the clinic are busy doing running screening assessments.
So if you are training hard for a marathon or other running event, then please see this months special offer. Give us a call or e-mail and pop in to see us.

This month we are offering a Runners Special – Back and front of legs, plus back, neck and shoulders – 1 hour £30

Schedule one of these into your busy training schedule and you will quickly reap the rewards.
Therapeutic and relaxing, removing knots and toxin build ups leaving you freer and looser and less prone to injury
If you want to take up this offer, please drop me an email at Jessica.yeo@ntlworld.com.

Runners Tips

It is really important that you stay loose when you are running – especially through your upper body.
You may start out your training or run with the perfect posture but as you start to become tired, some bad habits could creep in. Although all these seem obvious tips, take a quick stock check when you are next out pounding the streets.

Being relaxed when running will decrease your levels of fatigue, decrease your tendency to injuries and increase your overall performance so its worthwhile getting into these good self checking, tension spotting habits.

Starting with the hands, make sure your fists aren’t clenched. Tension in the hands quickly radiates to the arms and shoulder leading to posture problems and aching back, neck and shoulders.

If you can, DON’T carry a water bottle – If you must, then carry it loosly and swap the hands over regularly.

Shake out your hands, arms and shoulders after every mile.

Ensure you don’t hunch your shoulders. If you feel like you are, pull your shoulders back, shake them out and stick out your chest.

Keep your neck loose and ensure your shoulders aren’t raising up to your ears. A good self check here is to raise your shoulders as much as they will go, towards your ears, take a deep breath in and relax them, and they should lower to a relaxed and neutral position.

Good Luck to all you racers out there and enjoy the experience. Please come and tell us all about it and remember to book in for a post-race massage to ease your aching back, neck, shoulders and legs and get rid of all that muscle stiffness!

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