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Specialised gentle treatment to help with scar tissue, fibrosis or adhesions following surgery or trauma.

Scar Therapy

Scar Therapy is a specialised gentle treatment to help those with scar tissue, fibrosis and adhesions following surgery or trauma to the tissues, including radiotherapy. This therapy can improve the feel, health and function of the scar and the surrounding tissues, and can stimulate the area to encourage healing and easing of hypersensitivity and numbness.

It can also help with symptoms such as numbness, tightness and itching.

Benefits include reduction in pain, improved sensation, and texture and colour improvement of the scar.

You must allow 6 weeks post surgery for the start of your treatment and ensure that scars are fully healed with no signs of infection. NOTE: Please consult your doctor if you have an abdominal mesh.

When can we start Scar Therapy?

We can work on scars of any age from six weeks post-surgery, as long as there is no infection or inflammation, and you have been discharged by your doctor or consultant. Though we need to allow six weeks for the initial healing to occur, older scars can be worked on at any time. 

Benefits of Scar Therapy:

Scar Therapy is £55 for a 1 hour treatment.

Our appointment time is one hour and fifteen minutes, allowing time for your consultation and getting changed and still receiving a whole hour for your treatment.

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